Big Bad Uncle
The Big Bad Uncle is a very small and vicious clayman from the episode, Big Bad Uncle.


He has a bad case of Small-Klayman-Syndrome, and is very loyal to his family.


The Big Bad Uncle is an extremely undersized Klayman. He stands waist-high to other Klaymen and has a very deep voice. He is 34 years old.


When his nephew (and uncle) Dexter got punched in the face he asked him to murder the attacker. After the uncle punched this Klayman several times in the crotch to no effect he was lifted off the ground and tossed into a wall, where he seemingly fell unconscious. Moments later however the Klayman was shot to death by a police officer.


Height: 2 Inches

Weight: 56.7 grams


Klay World: Big Bad Uncle

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