"When Chad says he'll do something, he does it" -Tommy

Chad is a Klayman. That's pretty much it. 


He only appeared in The Bet. Chad bet his friend that he could climb the big lamp. His friend knew that a lamp so weird shaped  could never be climbed. Chad made a bet for fifty moneys that he could do it.

His friend then explains the situation to their mutual friend Tommy. Tommy is so certain Chad can do it he bets a hundred moneys on his success. After some deliberation Chad realizes he cannot do it and feigns a stomach ache. His friend is unconvinced and demands the moneys. He stalls by pretending to take a nap and while his friend is distracted by Tommy, Chad escapes. Tommy refuses to pay the hundred moneys and crushes his own head in. 


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


  • The Bet

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