This is an article about the klaymen and their colors.


Klayworld mainly consists of blue klaypeople. About 90% of the episodes star blue klaymen. To this day, blue klaypeople still star the show. Moving on to red klaypeople. In the older episodes from 2003-2007 red klay people where less rare and in alot of episodes. Red klay people really did not have important roles becuase mainly blue klaypeople where about  the 40%. Green klaypeople. Green klaymen where about equal to the red klaymen, if not lesser. Red and green klay people have one thing in common, they die alot more then blue klay people do. This is the list of rare kolors for Klaymen:

  • White: Only one person in klayworld is the color white. That person whould be the infamous Dilly Dally Ghost. The Dilly Dally Ghost no longer lives becuase the joke he heard was so funny he killed himself.
  • Grey: Once again there was only one grey klayman, he is Klayton. He went on a killing spree and he got kiled.

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