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Foot Ball! is a 2008 album made up of 17 song, written and composed by Robert Benfer. It was Benfer's first album. In 2009 the fan favorites from this and his second album, Expensive Suit, were combines into Tiny Instruments. In 2014, all of his past albums and singles, including this album, were removed from iTunes, leaving only his newest album, Emcredible!, adn whatever singles he releases afterwards.


Track Listings

  1. "Be Happy" - 4:19
  2. "Best Thing..." - 2:57
  3. "Cat Videos On the Internet" - 4:55
  4. "Guilty Orange" - 2:33
  5. "Burn Until You Die" - 2:25
  6. "This Is a Squirrel World" - 3:25
  7. "Pink Towel" - 3:58
  8. "I'm Gonna Marry Christmas" - 2:12
  9. "Lellow Lamp" - 1:28
  10. "Robotic" -4:23
  11. "Sad Toy GI Joe"
  12. "Billy Tom"
  13. "Shoe on a Stick"
  14. "Penguins" -1:40
  15. "I'm So Strong" - 2:50
  16. "Candy Mountain"
  17. "This Is How It Ends"

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