Ghost Footage
Video no. 1 (Newgrounds)
Ghost Footage
Air date May 14, 2003
Written by Robert Benfer
Storyboard by Robert Benfer
Directed by Robert Benfer
Main Villain Ghost
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Ghost Footage was the very first video that Knox made and posted on Although it is not a clay movie, it was the beginning of Knox's internet career. It was released in 2003.

The Plot

The video starts off with an intro with a voice over that states that this video captured real live ghost footage from Antonio, Texas from two days before and that the quality wasn't too good since it was filmed on a cheap webcam, and that if your scared easily: TURN AWAY! (The voice over was done by Knox) Then the video starts out in Knox's bedroom, where a "ghost" (It's just a person (presumably Knox) covered with a white blanket) try's to be scary before it trips over a chair and start crying about his hurt leg, yelling for it's mom. Then you hear the "ghost's" mother open the door to the bedroom and starts shouting at the person under the blanked, telling him to get up and shouting that he is not really hurt. There is one last voice over The movie then cuts to the credits, showing that everything was done by Knox and he though it was cool to insert the Terminator 2 theme over the credits.