Jet Pack

Jet Pack is a song by Robert Benfer



I have a jetpack and I'm flying around
no one else can have one, only i can have a jetpack
you can't have one, don't forget what i just said,
if you try to get one, I will hit you with my head
smack; smack, smack in the face with my head
and then I'll sideways stand on you too
just standing on your head sideways
Cleaning my glasses cause i can't see shit from flying around

It's hard to fly and see,
when there's birds in the sky when i'm trying to fly
thank god for hammers get out of here birds
gonna have to backflip-kick your heads off.

Jetpack; I got a Jetpack!
Jetpack; Yeah I have a Jetpack!
Jetpack; I got a Jetpack!
Jetpack; Pretty sure I have a Jetpack,
Jetpack! I got a jetpack
Jetpack! Iii have a jetpack
(Jet, jet, jetpack)
Jetpack! I got a jetpack
Jetpack! Pretty sure i got a jetpack!


Benfer speaking "I don't want this jetpack anymore. I'm gonna kill myself."

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