John Pinkerton
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name John Pinkerton
Species Klaymen
Gender Male
Occupation {{{Occupation}}}
Status Deceased
First Appearance Klay World: John Pinkerton
Last Appearance {{{Last Appearance}}}

John Pinkerton is a klayman. He is awkward and stutters a lot.


He is doing nothing when another klayman spots him and makes a big deal about him. The klayman walks over to him and asks him if his name is John Pinkerton, to which he replies "Everybody calls me John Pinkerton!". John Pinkerton is confused but plays along. The fan makes a phone call to his friend who is making hamburgers, and tells them that he is talking to John Pinkerton. The friend starts screaming and asking what he's doing and where he is. The fan ends the call abruptly and asks John to sign his face. He hands him a pen and leans forward, and John draws two straight lines on the fan's face. The fan then gets excited and asks for his face to be signed again. John draws a dot near the two lines, then the fan takes back his pen. John then asks, "what's so good about me? I'm just a regular klayman." The fan goes silent and stands there for a few seconds, then proceeds to walk away. He stops, and puts his foot in his signed face while John calls for him to come back.

Another klayman walks up to John and asks if his name is Mike McNanner, to which John replies, "uh, everyone calls me Mike McNanner!" The klayman then tells him "you suck".


Height: 5 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


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