Klay World: Best Klay Sport

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Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
November 17, 2005
Run Time:
4 minutes, 55 seconds
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Best Klay Sport is the 16th episode of the official Klay World series.


The episode begins with a klayman contemplating what sport he should play. He is suddenly interrupted by another klayman with a tennis racket. The klayman informs him that he is playing tennis and offers to give him a demonstration. The tennis player calls out to his friend, Dave and asks if he's ready to lose. David says that he is and the game begins.

Before Dave throws the ball, the other klayman tells the tennis player that his shoe's untied. This distracts him and causes him to miss the ball. The klay man taunts him briefly, then gives the ball back and says he doesn't want to play their stupid game.

The tennis player becomes outraged at being called a loser and drives Dave away by getting in an argument with him about how it's not just a game, leaving him and the other klayman as the only two on the table.

The tennis player tells the other klayman to play tennis with him, or else he'll put dirt on him, and he complies. The klayman pitches the tennis ball and he hits it into the target. He then claimed that he won and that you only need one point to win tennis. He mocked the klayman, then walked away.


  • It was actually produced before Klay World: In 3 Minutes, but it was uploaded afterward. Robert actually considered not uploading the video at all.[1]


It received first place in the New Ground Daily Feature Award for November 17, 2005


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