A klayman is walking around, when he sees a klayman who got stuck in the VCR because he wanted his own tv show. After a series of arguments, he finally goes all they way in. The other klayman claims he is on the tv, but he really wasn't. He leaves. The klayman inside was killed by a VHS.

This is also the first episode where the Handyman, the armless klayman appears. He tries to help the klaymen, but is rejected and goes to help another klayman lift bags, but only caused problems. He later appeared much more handy in Klay World: Off the Table and in Klay World: All Gone.


  • According to the vol. 1 comontary, there is a freaky clown mask refelcting off the tv in some shots.
  • The vhs Robert used was of Jurrisca park (1993)
  • Peter the Pickle can be seen in one shot.

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