Klay World: Next Victim

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Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
December 14, 2005
Run time:
4 minutes, 13 seconds
Previous Episode:
Next Episode:

Next Victim was the 18th episode in season one of the Klay World series.


The episode began with an agrovated klayman who confessed that he was going to beat somebody up, but he didn't know who it would be. He passed by a klayman with a coffee mug and said that he wouldn't beat him up because he would just cry about it.

He saw a slightly larger klayman and decided that he would be his victim because he didn't like the way he was looking at him. The violent klayman attampted to attack the larger klayman and repeatedly failed on multiple attempts. The episode briefly slipped into a montage of him being knocked over and beaten down in various ways.

The attacker finally gave up and tried to get a handshake as a sign of a truce. The other klayman instead ripped his arm off, knocked him down, and started spinning him around.

He was flung across the table and crashed into the klayman with the mug. The klayman with the mug had a broken arm and his mug was completely shattered. He began to yell and cry about his broken mug and said that he could no longer drink his wa-wa-wo-wo.

This made the violent klayman angry for some reason. He picked up a piece of the shattered mug and cut the larger klayman across the chest. He then died in a very long, drawn out fashion.

The killer then noticed that the klayman with the mug had his head ran over by a car. With his parting words he said he was off to find his next victim. However, the car then ran him over too as the screen faded into black.


Klayman with mug: You broke my mug! Now I can't drink my wa-wa!

Violent klayman: Your wa-wa?

Klayman with mug: My wa-wa-wo-wo!

Violent klayman: Your wa-wa-wo-wo? (Turns to large klayman) Alright, you're dead now!

Large klayman: Why? What did I do?

Vioent klayman: Wa-wa-wo-wo!

Large klayman: Wa-wa-wo-wo!? Oh, that's just perfect! Wa-wa-wo-wo...

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