A Klay World cop as seen in 'The Funky Chicken'

The police of Klayworld. They are under the leadership of Sheriff Marv. Each officer is equipped with a handgun.

They are distinguished by the yellow badge on their chest, however Klay World does not appear to have a police academy.

Laws and Enforcement

  • In the episode 'Trouble Makers' a cop was asked to arrest two klaymen who had thrown a soda on the ground. The officer retaliated by killing the klayman who asked him for help on the grounds that he was "Waisting an officer's time."
  • There is a law in Klayworld making the performance of the dance Funky Chicken punishable by death.

Notable Individuals

One policeman has an incessant use of the phrase "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" as seen in "Grenade Gregory" and "KLAYTON".


  • Grenade Gregory
  • The Funky Chicken
  • Glass of Water
  • Big Bad Uncle
  • Sneaky Sneaky
  • Stomach Ache
  • Slappers

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