Klayton's Creator

Klayton's creator was an inventor, and the creator of Klayton. His real name is unknown.


He was a Klayman with white hair and glasses. Nothing really special about him besides that.


He only appeared in the episode Klayton.

Klayton Creator looking down at Klayton corpse.

Him and his assistant Jonathan built Klayton, but quickly after turning Klayton on, it killed Jonathan and knocked the Creator down. The robot then went on a rampage in which 4 klaymen where killed before a Policeman shot him down. The creator leaned by Klayton's body and said:

"Was the world not ready for Klayton, or was Klayton not ready for the world?"

It's unknown what happened to him after the episode Klayton, because he never made any more appearances.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


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