Matt Books is a accomplished Brain Surgeon / Rock Star / Rocket Scientist. Matt Books and Jason Steele went to film school together at Full Sail before Matt had a guest appearance on KnoxKast Radio. Matt first officially appeared on Episode 8 of KnoxKast Radio, entitled "Episode 8: Matt Books in the house!" Matt Books was the first guest to make a second appearance on the KnoxKast Radio. Robert often calls Matt Books by the name "Matt Brooks", often angering him. Matt is famous with his friends for his angry and violent nature, as an old film school classmate by the name of Larry was revealed to have made a documentary entitled something along the lines of "The Anger of Books". Matt Books has appeared the most on KnoxKast Radio, due to his popularity with the fans of the show, and can be considered a semi-co-host.

During the show, he has shown that he as a vulgar sense of humor, often making dirty jokes that get bleeped for the (mostly) younger fans.