Pink Towel face

The Pink Towel is an inexplicably precious hand towel belonging to Robert Benfer.

On Sep 16, 2007 Robert happy life began to dissintigrate upon the realization that his towel was missing. The night before is disappearence he had wrapped it around his head. Yet in the morning it was missing. Immediately her began searching his home for it but could find nothing. Robert was so grieved by its absence he took to excessive eating, causing him to gain a great deal of weight. Eventually his search spread into the streets where he began distributing fylers. He also alerted the police but dissapointed by their lack of concern, he had no choice but to kill a man and carve the pink towels image into his chest to gain
Pink Towel flyer

Flyer promising $3,000,000,000 for the Pink Towels return

their attention.

The towel was in fact in Roberts backyard, plainly layed out on the grass, however it is as of yet unknown if Robert ever learned this and recovered his towel as it has made no subsequent appearances.


Pink Towel (Music Video)