Directed By:
Release date
April 1st, 2004
2 minutes, 12 seconds
Previous Episode:
The Sale
Next Episode
Make The Ending

RUBBER DUCKY OF DEATH is the first episode of season one. It was released on April 1st, 2004.


The episode begins when one of the klaymen have a conversation about throwing at a klayman with a rock. After that, a duck arrives. It heads for the left klayman. However, the man dies before he could even take him down. The rubber duck heads for the middle klayman. He tries to stab it with a stick but fails to do so and dies. Then the rubber duck heads for the klayman on the right. It chases after the klayman with a rock. He warns everyone that there's a killer duck. It kills the first civilian and then the klayman with a newspaper dies. The klayman with the rock runs to the edge of the table. He throws his rock at the duck. However, even with the rock on it, the duck pushes him off the table. A klayman puts the "walking rock" on the rock cutting machine. However, the klayman doesn't know the duck was sliced. He puts the machine on his head but it kills him.


  • Right before the klayman with the rock gets chased by the duck, there is a carved up word on one of the killed klaymen. It says "SAM" on it. This could mean that one of the klaymen was going to be named Sam.

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