The Butt Problem
Video no. N/A
Air date June 24, 2010
Written by Robert Benfer
Storyboard by Robert Benfer
Directed by Robert Benfer
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RIP Nibbles
Klay World: Grenade Gregory

The Butt Problem is the video for Robert Benfer and the first episode of Socktropolis.


Steven has a problem. Hopefully his doctor can help him out!


The episode begins in a doctor's office. A sock puppet named Mr. Steven (Jason Steele) came to see a doctor (Robert Benfer) over a problem he has: he has a coat hanger in his butt. After being asked by the doctor why he has a coat hanger in his butt, he goes into detail on why he put it there and the many other things he has put in his butt (Including his own 7 year old son). The doctor then proceeds to take the coat hanger out, and (after some struggeling), he succeeds. The doctor leaves to write Mr. Steven a prescription, and when he returns, Mr. Steven has shoved the coat hanger in his rear again.

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