Spikes Guy

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Voiced by
Appears in
Stomach Ache (2007)

The Spikes Guy was an unnamed klayman who appeared in Klay World: Stomach Ache as protagonist.


He is a generic klayman with no noticable differences in appearance. The only way to tell him apart from other klay people is with the three spikes he held in the episode.


He is extremely violent, as he threw multiple spikes into a green klayman without being provoked. No explanation was ever given as to why he would do this.

He also made a failed attempt to disuade another klayman, who knew he was guilty, by going on a rant about how 'we all have spikes in our heads'. Not only did this also display a low level of intelligence, but it also showed that he will attempt to lie to get out of trouble.


  • The klayman stabbed 3 spikes in his head, and stabbed the green klayman 2 times, leaving a amount of 5 stabs in total.
  • The klayman died before the Klay World Finale "All Gone" because he was killed by a cop.


How come you have spikes?

That's not were the spikes are. The spikes, are in your head.

Do you see what i'm trying to show you?

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