Klaymen have been observed engaging in a number of nonsensical recreational activities. The exact rules to these games are not understood if any rules actually exist.


Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 9.05.09 AM

Klay World's version of tennis has very little resemblance to the real world version. In fact, it has more similarities to baseball.

Only two players are required, one pitcher and one hitter. The pitcher stands on a plate and the hitter stands a short distance away. When the pitcher throws, the hitter attempts to hit the ball and have it hit a marked target. If the ball hits the target, the pitcher wins. The pitcher only needs one point to win a game of tennis.



A game of baseball in progress

The Klay World version of baseball is another two player sport. Like tennis, it hardly resembles the actual sport that it is meant to imitate. Klay World baseball seems to be little more than a game of catch. Baseball bats and gloves are not used.

Two players will stand across from each other, one holding a baseball and one without. It appears to be customart for observers to yell 'Hey, batter, batter, batter!' (a chant used in real baseball to distract the batter) despite there being no actual batter. The klayman with the ball will then throw it at the opponent and if he catches the ball, the thrower is out. It is not understood how the pitcher can score or why he would throw the ball to the person who can easily get him out.


Funny Sticks

Funny Sticks

The rules to Funny Sticks are impossible to determine. All that can be understood is taken from observing an unfinished game.

Funny Sticks seems to be a turn based game which allows more than two participants. One klayman is relentlessly beaten to the ground and stuck in the back with three sticks from each player. The next step of the game has something to do with apples, but has never been seen. Taking the sticks out of your back is concidered cheating.

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