Klay World

The Klay World Volume 2 DVD

The Klay World Series: Volume 2 DVD was a product realesed by Robert Benfer. It is a DVD about the Klay World Series. It was realesed in the Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and Silver Klayman Edition. It followed Klay World Series: Volume 1 DVD.

Regular Edition

The Regular Edition included...

  • All the episodes from 2008-2011
  • Sleep Walker
  • Big Bad Uncle
  • The Trick Master
  • The Bet
  • The Fad
  • Fun Pole
  • A Nice Day
  • The Surprise
  • Funny Sticks
  • Nap
  • Slappers
  • A Dangerous Stunt
  • Secret Sniper
  • The Huge Muffin
  • Grenade Gregory
  • Dan's Head
  • The Murderer
  • Dr. Bob Saves the Day 2
  • The Climb Down
  • Henry's Shotgun
  • Poison Juice
  • Klay World Moves
  • Comentary on every episode
  • The "Behind the Klay" featurette
  • The History of Klay World Part 2

The Regular Edition is sold for $10 at the

The Limited Edition

  • All The Episodes
  • Behind The Klay (EXTENDED)
  • More Joe Cam Footage
  • CCF Interview with Robert Benfer
  • More Klay World Episodes
  • A Signed Case
  • And a Signed Insert telling you what # copie you got.

Only 500 of the Limited Edition were made. You can still order yours as of August 1 2012. Go to the to order yours for $23.

Silver Klayman Edition

  • Limited Edition
  • A Hardened Silver Klayman

It was sold at the It is not for sale at this time.