The Murderer

The murder

The Murderer
Voiced by
First appearance
Nap (2009)
Last appearance
The Murderer (2010)

The Murderer is a Klayman equipped with a handgun. His identity is never revealed in the context of the series.


In the episode The Murderer, four Klaymen team up to put an end to the murderer's killing spree. The Klayman Mark claims the murderer lets you know that he's a murderer before he kills you by saying "I'm a murderer!". Eventually the murderer appears. Moments before killing the klaymen he is himself shot several times in the chest. His corpse is then shot further with an MP5K. 

Usually he would only appear in the final seconds of a video to kill the central characters. He has personally killed eight klaymen on screen, though based on the fear that surrounded him the total in his lifetime is presumed to be far greater.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


"I'm a murderer!" (his only line)



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  • Klay World: Secret Sniper
  • Klay World: Dan's Head
  • Klay World: The Murderer

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