Trapper 2

The Trapper is the title and occupation of an unnamed klayman. He calls himslef a trapper because he sets elaborate traps that maim and kill the victims.


The Trapper is first witnessed luring Jason into a trap which cost him his hand. He explained he does this largely because he doesn't have a life. Jason asked the Trapper to teach him how to trap, and he agreed.

Their first trap together involved tricking a man into reaching for a plate of salad. As he reached for it, a rope looped around him and tore his upper body off. He celebrated the success of the trap by dancing and humming a small tune. In the next trap, he used life-sized coffee mugs and tied them together with rope. As a Klayman passed, he tripped the rope, tipping the mugs over on top of him. Again, the Trapper celebrated his victim's death with a dance and song. They then disguised themselves in fake mustaches and claimed to be giving out free books. When a klayman took and opened a book, a gun planted inside shot them in the face. This too was followed by the Trappers dance.

Trapper dead
Afterwards, Jason became tired of the Trapper's single-minded obsession with traps, and suggested they did something else. The trapper agreed, and they stood around doing nothing. The Trapper quickly became bored, and tried to push Jason into the range of one of his traps, involving a life-sized BB gun and a giant red X. Jason realized what was happening and refused, causing the Trapper to try to force him. Jason fell down, activating the trap and shooting the Trapper in the face. Even in his final trap, he ended with his dance and died.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


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