Directed By:
Robert Benfer
Written By:
Robert Benfer
Robert Benfer
Release Date:
April 5, 2006
6 minutes, 28 seconds (7 minutes, 39 minutes for extended ending)
Previous Episode:
Klay Valentine
Next Episode:
Sneaky Sneaky

Trapper is a Klay World episode that was released on April 5, 2006.


A klayman asks another klayman if he found the object yet. He doesn't find it. The klayman asks the person again, and still hasn't founded the object again. When the klayman found the object, it bites him. The person tells the wounded klayman that it was a trap. The wounded klayman wants to know how to set up traps. The trap-setter replies, "Sure, I thought you would never ask!" The first trap that he created involved a klayman picking up a salad, which then the rope goes up. The victim asks the man if it belongs to anybody. He replies that it's the victims salad. The victim picks up the salad, but dies after being cut by the rope. The next trap he setted involved a klayman touching a rope causing two fragile cups to fall on it. The trap was a success. The very next trap he set up involved two klayman wearing fake glasses & mustache advertising a book. The next victim reads it, but gets shot by a gun in it. The wounded klayman was bored of traps, so the trap-setter lies by ending it. However, the wounded one notices a gun on top of a Playstation 2 controller pointing his way. He tries not to stand on the X. However, the trap-setter pushes him to the X with a pencil. The trap-setter pushes the victim down, but gets shot at, causing him to die. Oddly, he manages to move his feet before dying.

Extended Ending

An extended ending was added in certain versions of the short. It shows the wounded victim retelling the story to his friend. His friend wonders about the bandage & the victim takes it off only to reveal that it's actually a hotdog monster-like creature. The friend freaks out & runs away, only to make the victim chase after him.


  • It's unknown what the trapper and one of his victims were looking at since the camera never shows the object.

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