Tyson is a Klayman. He was very attached to the old Klay World and refused to move even when the table was removed.


After relizing the the table was missing and mildly freaking out. Tyson and his 2 friends decide to make a New Klay World. So they find some popcicle sticks and glue and put them both together.

After they had congratulated each other Marv walked in and told them the table wasn't missing. It was just moved into another room. So Marv and Tyson's 2 friends went back to the table but Tyson stayed. He said that this was his new home now.

Tyson was eaten by Vince sometime before the events of Klay World: All Gone. His body can be seen in the background.

340px-New Klay World


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


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