The Klay World Series has a multitude of weapons, including swords, guns, and rocket launchers. Improvised weapons such as sticks and other implements have been used as well.

List of Weapons


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The sword was seen in Klay World: All Gone. It is found by a generic klayman hidden in a salad bowl, planted by Bob.


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The knife was seen in Klay World: All Gone. It is found by The Handyman hidden in a salad bowl. Like the sword, it was placed there by Bob.


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The pistol is a common weapon in Klay World. It is used by Klay World Police, burglars, and citizens alike. The pistol looks like a black Beretta 92 FS. The Murderer has a special gray variant that looks like a Luger.


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Most prominently used by Henry, the shotgun is used in most of the Henry's Shotgun episodes, and in Klay World: All Gone.

Submachine Gun

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The submachine gun is used by Henry in Dr. Bob Saves the Day 3, and is used by multiple characters in Klay World: All Gone. It appears to be a Heckler & Koch MP5K.

Sniper Rifle


The Sniper Rifle is used in two episodes, Sniper Time! and Secret Sniper. The sniper's crosshair and appearance is unseen in Sniper Time! In Secret Sniper, it is seen with a large red crosshair and is handed to George by Gary.


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The minigun is found in Klay World: All Gone. It is acquired by Henry and is used to mow down countless klaymen in an onslaught of bullets. Bob later regretted having the minigun on the table as Henry almost killed him with it.

Rocket Launcher

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This weapon is likely the most powerful weapon in Klay World. It has only one appearance in Klay World: All Gone. It has the power to knock over an entire table. It was placed under the table by Bob as "insurance" in case anything went wrong or he was threatened.


Grenade Gregory

Grenades are only seen in one episode, Grenade Gregory. They are small explosive devices used by Gregory to kill at least five klaymen. They are highly destructive, capable of killing a klayman in one hit.

Pancake Mines

Pancake mines

Pancake Mines are seen in the episodes Pancake Mines 1 and Pancake Mines 2. They are presumably placed by Bob in an effort to cause chaos in Klay World. Like grenades, they are very dangerous and highly sensitive, usually killing a klayman instantly once stepped upon. They are seen in minefields of 10 or more.

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