Zack is a Klayman.


He really likes sandwiches.


Zack dead
His friend told him he could talk telethy. When Zack asked for proof, his friend said hi to a guy near by. Startled, the guy falls off the table to his death. Then Zack asks his friend to talk to him. His friend tells him "Would you like a sandwich?" and Zack becomes obsessed with sandwiches. To eradicate the obsession from Zack's mind, his friend focused hard and made Zack's head explode. Despite this lethal injury, he replies that he still wants a sandwich.

He makes an appearance in the Klay World Super Jam Mix 2012.

It's possible that he was killed by the deformed Klayman with no visible wounds on him when he drops down dead.


Height: 4 Inches

Weight: 113.4 grams


  • His figure was later auctioned off, exploded head and all.


  • Klay World: Telethy
  • Klay World Super Jam Mix 2012


  • "Still Thinking About Sandwiches."
  • "Got Sandwiches On The Mind."
  • "Actually Yes. I Would Like a Sandwich."
  • "I Want You To Telethically Say To Him 'Hello'"